08 Reasons Why Home Tutoring Is Good For Your Child



  1. In schools, colleges, coaching centres and other public learning venues. Home tuition provides the children with an opportunity to grasp a topic or theory before it is taught in school or even be a sourcing guide to questions that arose from when it was first taught at school. This process can assist students brush up their knowledge, and instil self-confidence and interest in them.
  2. In a classroom setting, it is possible that a teacher misses out the points in fine print owing to time contains or other limitations. He or she may also not be able to amend the errors of each and every student but with home tuition you can be assured that the teacher’s concentration will be completely on your child only.
  3. Home tutoring comes with all the benefits of a conventional classroom and home. Just like any other teacher, a home tutor will not only to improve your child academically, He can also be a counsellor and even a friend, guiding your child to develop better management of time and study skills. This mends the overall performance of the students including his grades and a better attitude and aptitude for learning.
  4. Students are most often reluctant to speak up or have a question clarified. The reason being that they fear being ridiculed, bullied, and considered weird or trying to be a teacher’s pet. But learning with home tuition Singapore gives them much needed privacy and freedom to share their views and ideas without the peer pressure. A positive atmosphere is necessary for healthier learning and with a home tutor that is exactly what you will have.
  5. At school and at a tutoring centre, your child co studies along peers and that by default comes with many distractions, but with home tutoring he would be solely focused on the lesson and have a more interactive class with his tutor.
  6. Though school is a controlled environment, same cannot be said to a tutoring centre. Since safety is one of the many concerns you have for your child, your mind will be at peace while he is home tutored. If you are interested about private tutor you can visit this website https://www.nanyangacademics.com/index.php/findtutor.
  7. School and tutoring centres do not provide the opportunity to hand-pick a teacher of your preference. The teacher and your relationship with your teacher is one vital fact which contributes to a student’s performance, therefore it is important that you discuss as a family and choose a tutor of your choice.
  8. With a home tutor parents or guardians have unrestricted access to both the child and his tutor not only during the class but between classes and be able to have one on ones with the tutor on your child’s progress and areas for improvement.