Lunar New Year Rituals That You Can’t Miss

Earning its place as the most momentous celebration on the Chinese lunar calendar; Chinese New Year revels in being a period of feasting and togetherness. Among its many colorful customs, ways and rituals, below is a swift run through of the most noteworthy traditions.

Scarlet Envelopes

Red colored envelopes are actually gifts of cash that are usually given out to the younger generation by the elder family members to the younger relations, and they can fall in a range from merely a couple dollars to pretty robust amounts (if you are lucky). Habitually, these gifts are given by adults to the younger children, and by parents to their young ones, or to unmarried members of the family. It also goes as a generous custom for bosses to gift these to employees of the company.

Special delicacies

In the northern-most part of China, an extremely well-liked food throughout the festive season is dumplings. But when you come to the south, no buffet catering will be complete without ”niangao”, a bit stringy round flat pellet-like food made out of rice. Another frequently seen one is Mandarin oranges; that are frequently consumed, put on for display and given as gifts due to their worth as a emblem of good luck.

Dinner for the Family

Classically, families make sure to get together for a lavish reunion spread on Chinese New Year’s Eve. A delicious homemade feast with a variety of dishes; that will always include a special dish of fish that is steamed. The practice of consuming fish for the period of the New Year springs from the belief that Chinese term for “profit” or “surplus” actually sounds alike to the sound of the word used for fish. Therefore, the faith is eating them will convey riches and prosperity in the New Year. If a homemade meal is not a practical option, chinese new year catering Singapore will solve that issue.

 Firework shows

The festivities will never be complete without a show of pyro-technics. For the New Year specialized firecrackers get made. Rolled red paper strings that contain gunpowder are used to make these; as they are lit and set off, they will leave behind scarlet paper shreds. As a tradition, there is faith that the thunderous noise of these firecrackers will chase the evil spirits away serving as a cleanser, but there are many cities that have banned the celebrations of firecrackers due to safety concerns.

It must be added that most of the major commercial cities, such as Hong Kong or Shanghai, never miss to put on a remarkable fireworks show in the midnight, welcoming the brand new year.

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