Can You Live With A Smile Without A Tooth?

When you look at a person and smile; then they smile back what do you usually see? The first thing you see is the nice curve in their mouth and have a direct glance at their teeth. Smile is like the first thing you can give another person to start a conversation or acknowledge presence of someone. It’s always a good feeling to see someone smiling with you for that is definitely a really warm gesture to make a friendly connection. In making that beautiful smile, you must make sure you keep your teeth clean and bright but what if you lose a tooth in your frontal teeth? Sometimes losing a frontal tooth could be the last thing that you ever wish for but accidents do happen when you least expect it.

This reminds me of the time, when we were kids we were playing cricket in the back yard and then a ball just ran into one of my cousin’s mouth and broke a tooth. He completely lost that tooth as it just broke from a little below the root. Back then I was small to realize what will happen next and however his parents took him to a dental clinic and got it fixed. Then after a month or two, his tooth was back to my biggest surprise. Science has gotten far enough to find ways to really help people that run into accidents. For further information you can definitely visit this site for bad breath treatment.

This is rather known as a dental implant in Singapore; process of fixing a bone like metal root into your gum to enable to put an artificial tooth on top. It’s not only when people run into accidents that they could lose teeth but also in cases where people go through high diabetes conditions or several other diseases which causes the teeth to decay or gum to weaken. Sometimes people get issues in the gum which causes in reducing the hold they have of the teeth making the teeth to fall off. As you age, this happens naturally but when you are young heavy use of nicotine, alcohol or drugs could also result in such a condition.

One most important thing to know is that, just because this is planted on to a metal bridge doesn’t mean it’s going to last a lifetime. It will require some kind of maintenance time to time just like how you would maintain permanent retainers attached to your teeth after wearing braces. No one can really survive without a frontal tooth and whatever happens, a good dentist could also help your recover that loss.