Four Careers In Hospitality And Tourism To Consider

Joining the hospitality industry can be a very rewarding experience – where you will gain expertise and skills in providing quality service. Getting into the hospitality industry is especially ideal for those who enjoy working with people and for those who are detail oriented. There are also less educational requirements to get into the industry when compared with other more specialized fields. However, being willing to work hard and maintain professionalism is just as important.

Event ManagerPlanning and coordinating events are a large part of the hospitality industry – when it comes to weddings, parties, concerts or other kinds of special events that are held by a hotel. As an event coordinator you will have to create concepts, work with the organizers on marketing and be aware of the details of events – and make sure that things are properly organised without any hassle. You will also need to delegate the necessary tasks to the relevant people and oversee the progress that they make. It is also important to bring creative ideas to life – for events such as live entertainment, weddings or seasonal promotional events.

Restaurant ManagerA diploma in hospitality can also help you get into the restaurant business or even give you chances of running your own business. A restaurant manager is responsible for overseeing the establishment, hiring of staff, cleanliness and making sure everything is well organised. Other duties include delegating tasks and seeing that the staff are performing their duties efficiently. A restaurant manager will also be responsible for overseeing the inventory, orders and the budget of the establishment.

Spa and Wellness ManagementFollowing diploma courses in Singapore in hospitality or hotel management is also ideal for someone who wishes to get into the health and wellness field. A spa and wellness manager is responsible for the daily operations and functions of spa – including hiring the right staff and delegating duties as well.

The responsibilities of a spa manager include training staff, planning out training programs or workshops and creating schedules to create an organised environment. Other duties can also include the business aspects such as marketing too.

Tour Operator Being a tour will give you the opportunity to travel to different places and introduce different sights and attractions to tourists. This is an ideal job for someone who enjoys working outdoors with a genuine interest in new places. A tour operator will be responsible for creating itineraries, tour packages, travel arrangements for tourists and will have to deal with other professionals in the travel and hospitality industry on a regular basis.