How To Get Started When Designing A Room

If you are filled with creative ideas and love the thought of design, then designing a room will be a fun and exciting project to take on despite it being time consuming. For someone lacking the creative eye, a DIY in designing your own room can be a daunting task. This is why we have created the following list of steps so that anyone taking up such a project can follow these steps and get a basic idea on the process of design.

Figure out your personal design styles
Everyone’s personal taste in style and design is unique to their personality therefore; it is ultimately up to the designer to pick their own styles when decorating a room. Some people like a minimalist interior design with modern furniture and bright white walls while others like to go heavy with furniture and draping to make it more rich and plush. The aim is to find out what you personally prefer and how comfortable you will be living in the space you designed. Try to figure out what best describes you for example; modern and urban with simple geometric shapes and minimal colours or are you more of a cozy and rustic personality?

Idea board
An idea board is an interesting and effective way of collecting different types of ideas and designs you are generally drawn to and organizing them in a poster board or even a virtual medium such as Pinterest. This will hold as a place that inspires you and unites all the things about interior design in Singapore you like. Sometimes, if you find that you are drawn to minimalistic designs, you will find a pattern and make you realize that this may be your design personality too.

Model designs or examples
There are a lot of places where you can find model decoration concepts that are professionally styled. Various online sources, such as designer’s websites and portfolios can reveal a lot concepts and ideas. Similarly, blogs and television shows related to home décor are great places to get ideas from. Magazines, books and undoubtedly large department stores with home décor sections can serve as places to do a quick research on pricing and exact measurements of furniture as well.

Friend or family homes
Is there a particular friend’s or family house that you instantly fell in love with when you visited? Perhaps those are some intuitively telling ways of how you would like your own room to feel like. Make notes of what you like and any particular designs you don’t.