\”I\” And \”We\”

Today’s society has forgotten how important the concept of “We” is when opposed to the concept of “I”. The reasons for this declination might be the higher focus on individualism as expressed through various media ranging from streaming to social media. While individualism is important, it should be known that teamwork and team spirit is equally or more important, as it is through that concept that the human civilization managed to last and survive over the course of thousands of years. It is in our psychology to feel safer in groups. From the young ages, we are introduced to the concept of family, and then friends. However with the external influences and what we observe we tend to forget the concept of “We” or “Us” and focus more on “I” or “Me”, which is certainly not a very good thing.

However, even in the modern society, it is seen that the most successful endeavors are collective efforts that are contributed through teamwork. The modern corporates seem to grasp this concept, and corporate team bonding and other such efforts that they put into create and strengthen the teamwork and team spirit in workplace acts as proof of this. They spare no expense to ensure that the correct attitude is created, knowing that it will only grant bigger benefits to the organization on a bigger scale. In corporate culture, “We” as a concept is given a more prominent place than “I”

Team building activities in Singapore that are there today ensures that the individuals understand the importance of working in a group. There are various firms that offer numerous ways in which such team building tasks can be done and following these would give one the understanding of why the concept of “We” is much more important than the concept of “I”. Humanity has always achieved much more when we were united. Team effort and collective feeling can help reach great lengths as a family, office, community or even a nation.

However, it is important not to lose one’s self in the presence of a collective feeling. Our qualities and who we are what adds the diversification to us and losing it in the face of a group as a whole is a terrible thing to happen to a person as an individual? The ideal way to thrive is through balancing the major portion with the “We” concept and having some personal space where the “I” concept also has a grip. Great things could be achieved when people work together and greatness can be achieved by those who put “We” before “I”