Managing The Festivals And Days Of Your Business

Is your company going to hold an event? Then read on below for some helpful tips!

1. Decide what the corporate event is – the first thing to do is to decide on what kind of event the company is planning to hold. Is it going to be a festival, celebration or a regular event for business (i.e. unveiling a new product)? Only once you have decided on what kind of event the company will hold can you move forward with every other plan on the event – for example the theme of the event.

2. Venue, date, time and guest – the next step to do once you have decided on the basic idea of the event is to decide when and how it will be held. Is the event going to be a large event with a lot of guests (if it’s going to be a large event, certain municipalities require special permits to be obtained, so make sure to research on this too!)? Or is it going to be a small, private event only for a number of guests? Depending on the number of guests, you will have to pick a proper venue, as well as a date and time keeping in mind the availability of your guests.

3. Will the event management in Singapore be done by another company? – Once you have a somewhat clear idea on the nature of the event, you can start the actual planning for it. At this stage, you can decide whether you want to hand over the reins to a management company – that is, a company that specializes in event planning and management. This is an ideal course to take if the event you’re planning to host is a large scale one, or if the company is going through a busy period and cannot spare any time to plan and prepare for it. If you’re allowing a management company to plan the event, you won’t have to worry about the event – except for maybe decide on certain details and do quick checks over its progress. On the other hand, if your company is going to plan and manage everything (which is cost-effective too!), it would be ideal to form a separate team or committee to be in-charge of the main details of the event.

4. Catering and entertainment – the next main thing every event needs to have properly planned is catering and entertainment. If another company will handle the event, then you won’t have to spend time searching for a suitable caterer or on what sort of entertainment to host, but otherwise, it’s best to spend the better part of the planning for the event on these two aspects.