What You Can Do To Increase Chances Of Fertility?

Are you dealing with infertility? Are the questions when are you planning on getting pregnant? Or, now its high tie you get pregnant statements making you annoyed and want to shoot the person who just said that? Well, there are many women and yes in some cases even men out there who are at wits end trying to wend off such questions and statements.

But what we need to do is to, concentrate all our positive and even the negative energy into getting pregnant if that is what we truly want. Below are some tips to increase your fertility. Keep in mind that there is no end to peoples unwanted talking!

Weight control

This is majorly applicable for females. One of the main reasons why women struggle with getting pregnant is the imbalanced weight. You need to be on the perfect weight scale according to the BMI scale. Being overweight and even underweight severely affects your chances of getting pregnant. If you are someone who is trying to get pregnant, make sure to maintain a healthy diet and also a good exercise routine like walking to maintain your weight.

Sperm count

Sperm count has been identified as one of the most popular reasons for infertility. There are many old wives’ tales in regards to this. But one such theory that has been almost proven by researches is that heat can affect the sperm count. For instance, regular and prolonged periods of staying in hot water tubs can adversely affect the sperm count. Also using electronic products like laptops on the lap can affect the sperm count. Make sure to avoid even keeping gadgets like your mobile phone in the pocket. As it has been linked with birth defects due to the radiation emitted. Another very common instance of male infertility is when the man cannot maintain his erection or doesn’t get an erection at all. In such instances professional help for erectile dysfunction treatment is advisable.


Alcohol is a major reason in both men and women to cause delays in fertility. As for women it affects them the most. If you are trying to get pregnant don’t drink more than two glasses a day. And avoid drinking it every day too. A Swedish research found that women who drank more than glasses a day found to have a 60% drop in their fertility rates. And if you do get pregnant avoid alcohol consumption a one hundred percent! Caffeine can also be stated as a drink that should be consumed in moderation when it comes to trying to get pregnant. Alcohol and caffeine have also been linked to other issues in one’s body. Unlike getting 5 minute effective chin fillers done, reversing the effects of these beverages is not going to be easy.

The fertility window

The fertility window, is something that every couple trying to conceive should know about. It is the six day period that ends on the day of ovulation. Intercourse during this time is highly recommended as there is also a 90% chance of a sure pregnancy. It is a good idea to keep track of your ovulation period and the dates best for intercourse if you are trying to get pregnant.